Home Respite

Home respite services for family members of individuals with Learning Disabilities

At times we understand that every person needs to have a break from the everyday struggle of life, and that carers can find it difficult to find time for themselves.

Many carers are reluctant to take breaks because they do not want their loved ones to go into care services. Our respite care service responds to these needs by providing services in your own home. This is beneficial in many different ways:

  • the environment is the same and therefore promotes less anxiety for the individual requiring support
  • there is less change occurring for all individuals concerned
  • there is never a chance that a service would be full and therefore that much needed break would need to be put on hold
  • we can respond to this need with one week’s notice*
  • same sex carers, if required.
  • Same carer each time, if required.
  • we can provide support for up to two weeks
  • it is more cost effective

To do this we would work closely with a person or their representative to agree on a specific term of contract, we will be led by the exact requirements needed and will work in line with the agreement. As a provider we promote a transition into this service and need to be confident that the person requiring services is content with this provision and understands what is being proposed.

For more information on this service, why not make a referral or contact Rupert who would be more than happy to discuss this service in greater detail. If you have housing already established and require a provider please also contact us using the same link.

*Subject to certain terms and conditions