Rupert Stocks

Operations Director

Rupert has been working in the care industry since 2004 and is passionate about tailored services. His specialism is in learning disabilities with associated mental health and autism.

In a previous life, Rupert was a consultant to national organisations who found themselves in special measures by the regulator.  He would work intensely with their senior management team, to implement an improvement plan and remove their litigation risk, in doing so improving the standards of care to over 100 people with care and support needs.

In 2014, Rupert joined his family-run business, with a ten-year growth and development plan. In doing so the company is now registered with two regulated locations registered as Outstanding. Guyatt House affirms its position as the highest regulated care provider in England.

“As General Director of Guyatt House, I am privileged to lead a beautiful, vibrant community with a wealth of dedicated staff who aim to deliver the highest standards of care to each person and who often go beyond the call of duty to make a difference in our community. It is these people that deliver Outstanding care each day, supported by a company that encourages, promotes and praises such practice.”

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