Outreach services for individuals with support needs

We currently provide outreach services across Cambridgeshire. We offer this through private referrals, direct payments and arrange provisions. Guyatt House currently provides over 1500 hours per week.

Community Care is provided for a range of reasons, however, the main purpose is to meet peoples needs within their community

We can provide a much, or as little support as is needed.

We provide specialist care and support services to adults (18-65) and children and Young People with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health conditions, Physical Disabilities, associated health related conditions to live a full and active life in their own homes across Cambridegshire and Peterborough.

Our support is based around the need for social inclusion, which includes supporting people in employment, education, friendships and leisure.

We can support people in all areas of their lives including:

  • personal care needs
  • domestic tasks
  • budgeting and money management
  • help with finding housing
  • training and skills development
  • support to find a job or voluntary work, inclusive of CV writing, mock interviews and support during interviews.
  • support whilst in a work environment.
  • community duties
  • leisure and socialising
  • healthcare needs
  • source appropriate accommodation
  • maximising benefits to secure accommodation
  • liaise with registered social/private landlords
  • complete tenancy sign up

By providing this service we are able to enable individuals to maximise the opportunities that are available to them.

Currently we provide support to individuals in need of a minimum of two hours support at any one time.

We believe it is important that every person should own their care and support plan, these will be tailored to the individual to ensure inclusion and understanding. We work in a person centred approach and all plans are made to ensure that the focus is on the person, their goals, wishes, dreams and aspirations.

We encourage each person and their circle of support to be involved in the recruitment of their staff, looking and matching the qualities and skills that match the individual’s specific needs through the interview process which can include asking questions at the interview panel, meeting with the candidates and also involvement in the review of staff. It is very important that everyone is engaged in this process and that we listen to what people tell us about the staff that work as part of their team.

If you currently receive community care  you will know the frustration that it can cause to you, when each time a different supporter arrives to provide you with your requirements. Well, WE ALWAYS PROVIDE THE SAME SUPPORT WORKER, we hope that you will understand the importance of this and how this encourages that elite business sense. We do however, need to be realistic about this, when a person is on holiday or may be on sickness or long term leave, such as maternity/ paternity- then of course we need to provide you with a different support worker, however we will work with you to arrange the most suitable replacement.

For more information on this service, why not make a referral our team would be more than happy to discuss this service in greater detail.