Working for
Guyatt House

Rewarding on multiple levels

“Your team are simply incredible, without your dedication as a team, X would be in a difficult place right now”- Social Worker.


Welcome to Guyatt House. We are a local provider of accommodation and specialist support to people with a learning disability and by joining us you will find your time being productive, enjoyable, hard-working but most of all you will have a positive input into the lives of the people for whom we provide services to.

Over the years, we have continued to grow and develop and it is partly due to the staff we employ. It is those staff who deliver first class, high-quality care throughout Cambridgeshire and it’s their unconditional positive regard for others which is evident. As a company, we are really focused on the people, rather than the experience. Your values are far more important to us than if you have a social care qualification.

We all value individuals who have disabilities as citizens with equal rights and responsibilities who are entitled to be consulted in all matters when it comes to the care and support they receive. For this reason, you will have two interviews, ours and then theirs. The second interview will be an informal meet with the people to whom you will support. They may ask you a range of questions, such as “what colour are your pyjamas” or “how will you keep me safe from my father”, we will support you with this process.

We have a clear training commitment to all our staff. You will receive all training face to face with industry experts.

We are committed to empowering the individual and supporting self-determination by promoting informed choice. We actively support and promote full integration within the community and an important part of your job will be to facilitate this process. It’s not easy and can be very challenging, but it is the most rewarding job that you will ever experience. We look forward to meeting you!