Statement of Purpose

Guyatt House is a small family run business providing recognised high quality support to adults with learning disabilities.

We focus our time on quality of provision rather than business development. Guyatt House currently provides support under a residential umbrella, with focus on a support living provision.

Mission Statement

We believe that everyone with a learning disability whatever nature or severity should be empowered through appropriate support to exercise their right to choice, opportunity, respect and dignity.

It is important for Guyatt House to work with each individual in a supportive and person-centred way to ensure that their wishes, desires and beliefs are at the forefront of company direction. Our business is built on the belief that we are here to ensure we can provide the very best service for each person.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide a community based house which offers as full and active life as is possible in a supportive environment.
  • To encourage service users to develop their personal and social skills both inside and outside their home.
  • To encourage full participation by service users in the running of their home, sharing responsibilities and decisions.
  • To give service users opportunities to gain new experiences, interests and goals.
  • To recognise the individual abilities, preferences and needs of each service user.
  • To offer a supportive and active ‘key worker’ staff member to assist them in their daily lives.
  • To work in close liaison with a full network of services which contribute to the effective provision of care for each individual Service User.
  • To involve the service user in every aspect of their support by careful monitoring and participation in regular reviews.
  • To prepare and work to service users support and health plans
  • To encourage and assist service users to maintain contact with family and friends, and invite their visitors to Guyatt House.
  • To promote social inclusion in the wider community.

We undertake the above with knowing that each individual has the right:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To make decisions about their own lives and life choices
  • To be valued by all employees within the company

Nature of services provided

Guyatt House offers a small range of services, however, do so the very best way, we look to ensure that our service provision is known for excellence, and we know that we currently offer this, throughout our contract monitoring and Care Quality Commission reviews.

We offer:

  • Supported living
  • Residential
  • Domiciliary support

We hope that this range of services enables us to respond to peoples needs in a flexible way. We are constantly striving to further develop the services provided in line with the changing needs of the communities we serve.