Hayley Blayney

Quality Assurance Manager

“We will constantly benchmark the quality of our services against the expectations of service users, parents, family members, local authority commissioners, and regulatory authorities. In doing so, we will deliver continuous improvements at all levels within the business.

My role is to meet with you and your family, when first enquiring to Guyatt House, to ascertain what you are looking for and how we can be of assistance. I guide families through the process of moving to us and will support you in gaining the support plan that you want to achieve and the budget to do so. When we provide support to you, my job is to objectively and independently review the quality of provision. We achieve this, internally, through many different models.

Our job is to measure quality throughout our fourteen services in order to ensure that the people we support receive the highest quality of care. Our team undertakes a regular program of real-time audits which result in defined actions with timescales which constantly improve quality and help us to share best practice. I am confident that if you require support, I can achieve your outcomes”.


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