Tier 1 Advice

Free advice can be offered to any person looking for intervention, or a family who are struggling but wish to continue providing care at home. This is a vital resource for people with support needs and we recognise that early intervention can sometimes be a difference between coping and not.

Ring us, we will sympathetically listen to your problems, in the security that we will hold that information confidential. We will then signpost you to available support.

Sometimes we all need someone to talk to. Social Care is a complex system to understand. We are often asked about EHCP, Child and Adolescent Pathways, Social Care Assessments. WHAT IS ELIGIBILITY? What’s the Care Act and what does that mean for my relative? We hear that the ‘system has failed us’, we hear you when you say ‘my daughter or son is in crisis and I don’t know what to do?

Our Tier 1 practitioners are able to offer general advice for less severe problems. We can support you to understand the situation you are in and guide you away from crisis. We can link you to your community practitioners such as:

  • GPs
  • health visitors
  • school nurses
  • teachers
  • social workers, and
  • youth justice workers and voluntary agencies.

With your permission, we can formally raise your issues with the relevant agencies and try to support a positive outcome for you, more quickly.

Guyatt House is passionate about helping our community, we want you to know we are there for you. If you are in need of help, irrelevant of if you require our services, we will help you. Crisis does not need to happen.